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Bangkok certainly lives up to its reputation as most dynamic and intriguing cities in Asia. Bangkok is huge. You really have no idea how overwhelming it is until you see it for yourself, it is beyond simple description. It’s the city where ancient rhythms and a modern beat are in harmony, skyscrapers and golden temple spires define the sprawling skyline. For food lovers, Bangkok is a gem. No visitor to Bangkok leaves the city an unchanged person.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Buddhist temples, find the best bargains, experience the famous Thai cuisines, dive into the exotic nightlife and much more. ‘Welcome to Bangkok’ gives you access to all the wonder, beauty and excitement of this exotic city, and all the knowledge and tools to get most of it.

This book covers all those things that other guidebooks don’t tell you.

What foods you don’t want to miss? The street food alone is worth a trip to Thailand! It offers almost endless possibilities for discovering exciting new tastes.

How to avoid most scams? Book tells you how to avoid scams and save money, many times more than book’s price!

How to use the public transport system? Skytrain, metro, taxi and tuk-tuk.

Book has also links to internet sources where you can get even more information about the different sights, places and facts.


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