Bangkok has a huge range of accommodation, including some of the best hotels in the world and some of the worst ones too. Bangkok hotels and guesthouses are abundant, varied, and reasonably priced. You can choose a simple room with a fan, or a luxurious suite at an international hotel chain, and just about anything in between.

This Bangkok guide has an intentionally smaller section about accommodation due to the fact that peoples taste varies a lot. Recommended places in some guidebooks tend to get too popular with all the negative side effects. Websites like Tripadvisor is recommended because they contain neutral, unbiased reviews only from other Bangkok travelers as well photos taken by them. It’s amazing how different some Bangkok hotels look in photos by travelers, compared to guidebooks or websites. Even for the budget travelers, is a good site to start looking at/ or for options for Thailand accomodations.

Accommodations in Bangkok are still generally inexpensive compared to western countries. It’s possible to have a decent hotel room with air-conditioning for about 500 baht/night in more remote areas. If you want more up-scale, costs start around 1,500 baht for a double room in downtown. Staying at one of Bangkok’s top hotels costs around 4,000-6,000 baht per night, and more.

Bangkok hotels and areas

Pay careful attention to your accommodation locations. Selecting a hotel in Bangkok for the first time visitor can be difficult because of the huge selection and a lack of knowledge of the different areas. The price range varies a lot and differences between different hotels can be hard to know beforehand. Mid-priced hotels in Bangkok have huge variation of quality in the same price scale. In the mid and low price point accommodations, it’s recommended to check the room before agreeing to the terms.

Skytrain (BTS), metro (MRT) and express boat access will make your stay and moving around Bangkok much easier. This also effects accommodation prices; the closer to BTS or MRT, the higher the price of accommodation, but you will notice that spending a little more will make your Bangkok visit much more pleasant. Even the taxi in Bangkok is a inexpensive option to use (with the meter on), you will spend lot of time stuck in traffic or crawling slowly.

Higher price:
Higher priced Bangkok hotels are everything above 2,500 baht for a double room. Many of the larger international hotels are located on the riverside, Silom and Thonburi and they are the priciest in Bangkok. Luxury hotels in Bangkok are the best that you can find in Asia, prices being more moderate than elsewhere in the world.
Mid price:
Mid priced Bangkok hotels are from 1,000 baht 2,500 baht for a double room. At Sukhumvit, Siam square and Silom area you can find a collection of moderately priced accommodations, which makes this a popular area for tourists to stay. This price range has the biggest selection of places to choose from, and therefore quality varies a lot. Generally, Sukhumvit hosts most of the recommended places for this price range.
Low price:
Low priced Bangkok hotels are less than 1,000 baht for a double room. Khao San Road has plenty of inexpensive accommodations for the backpacker and budget traveler. This has often been called the backpacker capital of the world or universe. Cheapest rooms are sold with a fan, whereas better ones have air conditioning. If you’re heading to a hostel or other cheaper backpacker accommodations, be extra careful with your belongings and bringing an extra lock is recommended.

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